C.J. Meenan is an entrepreneur and educator with over 30 years’ experience teaching entrepreneurship and starting small businesses.  He holds an MBA from Babson College and is a leader in entrepreneurial education who specializes in curriculum design for individuals as well as groups. He has designed entrepreneurship programs at all levels from elementary to adult learners. C.J. is certified in Driving Economic Growth Through Entrepreneurship Ecosystems through Babson Executive Education & is a certified internal corporate coach.

Lifelong learning is an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, enhancing your development and competitiveness.
— C.J. Meenan
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C.J. believes in lifelong learning and leads by example. To stay current, he takes one workshop and two online courses each year. Most recently, he completed the IDEO course on Creative Leadership and was certified in Entrepreneurship Essentials through HBX | Harvard Business School.

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In 1987, C.J. co-founded The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. As the co-founder of NFTE, he helped develop curriculum and launch an entrepreneurship training program that's been implemented at high schools and universities around the world. During his career, C.J. has trained thousands of entrepreneurs in the principles of starting and scaling a small business.

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C.J. also trains educators, his methods and teaching strategies having been adopted in over 25 countries. In recognition of his work in this field, he received the Price Babson Fellowship for Entrepreneurship Educators.


Since retiring from NFTE, C.J. has continued to focus on supporting entrepreneurs through education & training, such as teaching the Veterans Launching Ventures program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, which was designed to help military veterans launch small businesses. C.J. has also taught and lectured on entrepreneurship at Wharton, Columbia, Stanford, Babson and Georgetown, just to name a few. A highlight of his career was bringing entrepreneurship education programs to India and Great Britain. His work has been featured in publications such as Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, and Black Enterprise.

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The OFBV Network helps you share your talents in the marketplace, whatever those talents may be.
— C.J. Meenan
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In October of 2014, C.J. co-authored The Beginner's Guide to Entrepreneurship and co-founded Open for Business Ventures and the OFBV Network, a multi-platform company providing entrepreneurship education through a combination of online courses and real-time workshops with specially developed curriculum with audio and video instruction, complete with online entrepreneurial networks! 


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