Entrepreneurs, by definition, are extremely action-oriented. Many have a precise vision of the business they want to start, and focus single-mindedly on achieving that vision. Even still, action-oriented visionaries can benefit greatly from coaching. Startups tend to be unique in the challenges they face. These challenges are dramatically different from those that leaders of established companies encounter, yet so few coaches offer their services to the new entrepreneur at this crucial point in time.

I have the perfect background, experience and willingness to provide new entrepreneurs the precise type of coaching that they need. I've coached thousands of entrepreneurs, helping them to launch their startups and have taken great pleasure in guiding them towards success!



In addition to encouragement and motivation, entrepreneurs also benefit from expert advice to help them and their business to thrive. The overall impact of hiring a consultant can be astronomical, as companies then have instant access to deeper levels of experience and expertise than would be feasible otherwise. To create and maintain success you have to stay at top of your game!

I bring more than 20 years’ experience to your company, having had the pleasure of working with many startups and small businesses in the areas of problem-solving, strategic planning, budgeting, go-to-market strategies and restructuring.  I also possess specialized knowledge and expertise in the areas of open-book management and startup strategies.



My entrepreneurship workshops are designed to introduce participants to and teach practical entrepreneurship skills, techniques, and ideas which entrepreneurs can then use to launch their business ventures successfully. So many new entrepreneurs seek confidence, motivation and inspiration, and there is nothing that builds confidence, motivate and inspires quite like participating in a workshop taught by an entrepreneur who has been there, with other new entrepreneurs.

I’ve been designing workshops to meet the needs of beginning entrepreneurs for more than 30 years. My workshops have helped thousands to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and launch their own business. My live workshops are delivered over the course of 1, 2, 6 or 12 days, and I also customize workshops for groups and agencies.


Mentor Training

Once your agency has completed an entrepreneurship workshop, it is beneficial to provide additional support to your workshop’s participants. The knowledge gained from a workshop will only go so far, and a good business mentor can pick up right where that workshop leaves off. When properly trained, business mentors can share wisdom with new entrepreneurs on an ongoing basis, and that can have an immensely positive impact on the personal and financial growth of those entrepreneurs over time.

I’ve worked with agencies to train their staff and team to support their new entrepreneurs with my proven strategies for more than 20 years. I will design custom training for your team that will ensure a continuum of growth and success!


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