Teen Entrepreneur Education Programs

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Entrepreneurship, a key driver of our economy, is a lifelong learning process that can begin as early as middle school and progress through all levels of education, including adult. Wealth, and a large majority of jobs, are created by small businesses. Small businesses are created by entrepreneurial-minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses as well. 

Individuals are starting businesses and looking for ways to learn more about entrepreneurship, while colleges and universities are allocating resources to entrepreneurship programs and centers.

Across the country and around the globe, there is a flood of interest in entrepreneurship. 

Although we're excited and encouraged to see this occurring, we are still very concerned that entrepreneurship is still not being taught to teens nationwide alongside subjects like math, history and science. 

If the business of America is business, then why aren't we teaching entrepreneurial principles to our youth as early as possible? Certainly none deny that skills such as structured sports are best introduced as early as possible, because this increases the student’s chances of mastering the basics and becoming an outstanding adult athlete. The same concept applies to the subject of entrepreneurship, yet this subject is not formally introduced until the university level in the U.S., leaving young adults to either play catch-up or even receive no entrepreneurship education at all.

Teens who receive entrepreneurship education will have more opportunity to exercise their creative freedoms, have higher self-esteem and experience a greater sense of control over their own lives overall. Fostering a solid entrepreneurial foundation maximizes individual and collective economic and social success on personal, local, national, and even global scales! 

In response to this need, we've developed entrepreneurship programs specifically for teens. Our entrepreneurship programs for teens combine the use of ebooks, audio books and videos with free access to the online teen entrepreneur social network. While our first course for teens was developed for homeschoolers who are seeking entrepreneurship education from a Christian perspective (most prominently seen in the lesson on business ethics), we went on to develop a standard teen course for a more universal teen audience soon after as well.

The online social network for teens is designed to work hand-in-hand with our teen programs, and serves as a treasure trove of resources for teen students in their course-work and beyond. Our programs can easily be completed within one calendar school year, but are designed to allow each student to begin and end at any point in the school year, as well as work at their own pace.

We’re confident that these educational tools will serve as an invaluable resource to parents who would like to teach their children the principles of entrepreneurship themselves as well as those who may need more assistance.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback; I love hearing from you!