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Shelton Alexis
Founder, The Orgasmic Chef

"C.J.’s realistic approach to teaching entrepreneurship is on par with the realities of running and operating a business.

As a teacher and mentor, he’s motivating, passionate, encouraging and well-versed in multiple disciplines. His personal touch and attention to his students are by far his greatest attributes as an educator."



Dolores Hirschmann, ACC, CPCC, Founder, CEO, Masters in Clarity

C.J. is one of the most engaging, inspirational and resourceful professionals out there teaching and practicing the art of entrepreneurship. Whether you experience C.J. as a teacher, mentor, speaker or as a coach, you can't help but expand and grow with his leadership. He is able to truly lead small business owners and entrepreneurs to see the opportunity in starting and running their own business. Thank you, C.J., for all that you do for us entrepreneurs!


K.L. Beasley, D. Jur., M.I.P., C.O.O., New Life New Look Industries

OFBV's Entrepreneurship for Beginner's is a must-take class! C.J. has developed a program that will open your eyes to the possibilities through entrepreneurship. If you want to take a glimpse at what it’s going to take to begin this entrepreneurial journey, sign up now!




Juan Casimiro
Founder & Chairman, Casimiro Global Foundation

I had the honor of meeting and teaching with C.J. at NYC's Jane Addams Vocational High School in '88. I realized then that I was teaching alongside one of the best educators in NYC. C.J.'s always been an authentic, passionate and driven educator. His ability to engage and motivate youth and adults to seek and recognize their potential is a gift that not all have. The positive energy he creates is of great benefit to those around him.

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